Snorkel At Horseshoe Bay

Snorkelling at Horseshoe Bay in Bowen offers an easy and accessible experience. With just fins, a snorkel, and masks, you can explore the rich marine life directly from the beach. During high tide, you can venture into the rocks, while low tide reveals beautiful hard and soft corals. Expect to encounter vibrant schools of parrotfish, vital to the coral ecosystem. Snorkelling gear is available for hire at Horseshoe Bay Resort or in town. Scuba divers can also enjoy diving in Horseshoe, Rose, and Murray Bays, where depths are shallow at only six to seven meters. Adventurers can explore sunken relics like the WW2 landing craft off Queens Beach or opt for offshore dive islands like Holbourne and the Middle Islands. For deeper dives or wreck exploration, having access to a boat and personal equipment is essential.

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